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Welcome to the home of quality print products. Print versions of our Westrand, Eastrand and Bedfordview publications can be found at any leading retailer outlets. With thousands of copies printed weekly, you will be sure to find that dream home you have been searching for.

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As you know with today's competitive business strategies, it is essential for your business to be visible where ever possible. We are the ONLY magazine to offer both print and digital marketing strategies under one package.
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Homescout portal, our big brother company. Not only do you have the option to market your listings via print media, but you may sign up a Homescout profile and make use of our online space creating more awareness around your listings.
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Homescout Media Magazine's are distributed on a weekly basis to strategic outlets, such as Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Spar, filling stations etc... You may also view them right here, just click the link below and select a publication.


Online is where every real estate agency needs to manifest itself powerfully in order to sell. However, there’s one offline tactic that is a crucial ingredient to an agent’s marketing mix. That ingredient is print advertising in real estate magazines as an essential component of media campaigns.

There are however many good reasons why local agencies should not stop print advertising in real estate magazines. Customer acquisition is not an easy undertaking and every real estate agent needs all marketing channels working to the fullest on showcasing properties. And print advertising does its bit very well.

Printed real estate magazines have a huge benefit in that it provides you with much larger room for your properties to shine bright.

1. Less competition and more Credibility for your properties
In the online world real estate agents are fighting over the same keywords to get ranked higher. So many factors are out of their control and it takes time to build an online presence so that buyers can find your properties online.

Online advertising is a challenge. Today’s Internet users are bombarded with hundreds of ads and property listings on almost every site they visit. Their attention is drawn from one to another ad or property on a continuous basis with tons of competition. Print media gives credibility and allows buyers to concentrate on the properties that they are interested in without the competition and ads.
2. Branding the unique lifestyle that your properties offer and your office
Print ads are excellent to showcase your brand meaningfully. Whether you’re specializing on certain properties or new developments you can easily highlight the key benefits and values your properties offer to homebuyers.

Placing your listings in a real estate magazine means people get the correct brand image of your agency. You avoid outside influences and a real estate magazine gives you ownership over how you want to display your listings.

Studies have shown that real estate magazines are irreplaceable if you want to gain the reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate agent. Is this not what any real estate brand wants to achieve?
3. Real estate magazine is a tangible and credible asset
There’s something unique and trustworthy flipping through the pages of an upmarket real estate magazine and exploring all the wonderful listings on offer.

If the quality of presentation is there people are impressed with what they see. Print ads are also seen as more legitimate. On the contrary, print ad is tangible. People literally feel they can trust the ad and contact the agent at any time.
4. Fostering engagement
In online marketing it is hard to cut through all the noise. You only have a few seconds to spark interest in your properties. If you failed, your website visitors just click away to find things that will entice them more. And so you lose leads.

With magazines, it is different. People actually read them, not just scan the headlines. The average time a person spends on reading a magazine, is huge an normally at home at leisure and not at work online.
5. Long-lasting exposure to properties
Another benefit you have in a real estate magazine is a long life to your ads. Your online ads, regardless of how effective they may be are lost in the speed of new listings taking their place never to be seen again or on Page 134!!!

A real estate magazine however will stay in your office and home for months, if not years. It will continue bringing you leads long after its publication, reaching new people and telling them about your offering.
6. Huge advertising effect in conjunction with a digital edition
A real estate magazine often exists both in print and online. So you get the online exposure backed up by a beautiful print publication distributed across the whole variety of markets.

You also have an opportunity to boost its circulation by promoting the digital edition among your own audience. Your fans and followers will like and share it, and go to your website which has a positive impact on your SEO rankings as Google favours websites with traffic from social media.
7. Reaching wider audiences
Print magazines are an excellent way to reach niche markets which are hard to target online, e.g. older generations and you open a whole new lot of selling opportunities.
8. Perfect for marketing luxury properties
If you sell high-end properties, a real estate magazine is an invaluable tool. Carefully marketed in the right places, it will sell your properties all the time.